FLIR Thermal Imaging

FLIR Night vision enables you to see ahead 800m to 1km - spot livestock and potential road hazards

Spot water crossings, livestock and other potential hazards with FLIR Night-Vision technology.

The benefits of FLIR Thermal imaging for road transport applications include:

  • Reduced driver stress reducing fatigue by giving the operator time to take evasive action taken. Time = better decision making, ¬†which may eliminate an incident leading to product to ground or even a fatality.
  • Reduced likelihood in hitting an animal causing damage to the front of the vehicle. Reduced asset downtime due to repair, lost revenue, Improved driver and asset productivity.
  • Reduced likelihood of resultant damage from erratic evasive action i.e. harsh braking / tyre lock ups on trailers resulting tyre flat spotting.
  • Key edge as a Safety marketing tool to your customer base.
  • Long term proven results within your business are likely to reduce insurance premiums

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